Steel construction

Under the steel structures we mean the responsible structures that play a significant role in which they are located. From steel structure is required, at a particular location, to be under precisely defined conditions, and being able to carry its pressure. To create a structure of this type, it is necessary to design the project, with the help of specialized staff to input ideas into a finished product. Our company offers the possibility of designing as well as developing new projects, and as proof, with our experienced personnel, there are numerous projects to confirm this. Because of its importance and the role they play, the steel structure must be well designed and well made. For this kind of work our company has a good team of people, mechanical engineers, mechanical technicians, skilled locksmiths and certified welders. 

We manufacture steel structures for:

  • commercial and residential buildings, 
  • production halls, 
  • sports halls, 
  • car showrooms,
  • warehouse, 
  • storage refrigerators, 
  • construction of bridges…